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Facility Tour: Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories
American Pharmaceutical Review, February 2019

The Complete e-Book of Biosafety Testing

Andrew D. Schaefer, Principal Scientist/Group Leader, Bio/Pharmaceutical Biologics Raw Materials
Terry Schuck, Manager, Bio/Pharmaceutical Biologics Raw Materials
Svetlana Mogilyanskiy, Manager, Cell Banking
Katherine Marotte, Principal Scientist/Group Leader, Viral Safety Testing
Doug Rea, Research Fellow, Viral Clearance
Jeri Ann Boose, Senior Director of BioPharma Biologics
Thomas Brefort, Production Business Unit Manager NGS at Eurofins Genomics
Heather Beyer, Manager, Viral Safety Testing
Weihong Wang, Technology Development Manager, Cell and Molecular Biology

Investigation of an Adventitious Agent Test False Positive Signal in a Plant-Derived Influenza Vaccine
BioProcessing Journal

Contributing Author
Jeri Ann Boose, Senior Director, BioPharmaceutical Services

Microbiology Roundtable
American Pharmaceutical Review, July/August 2018

Suzanne Williams, Manager, Bio/Pharmaceutical Microbiology

E&L Risk Assessment for Biologic Drug Products
Pharmaceutical Technology, August 2018

Andrew Blakinger, Manager, Extractables & Leachables Testing

Maintaining Cell Line Integrity
BioPharmaceutical International, August 2018

Jeri Ann Boose, Senior Director, BioPharmaceutical Services

Putting Viral Clearance Capabilities to the Test
BioPharmaceutical International, May 2018

Katherine F. Bergmann, Manager, Viral Safety and Clearance Studies

Facility Tour: Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories
American Pharmaceutical Review, March 2018

Biosimilars and Their Structural Characterization
American Pharmaceutical Review, December 2017

Robert F. Carney, MS, Principal Mass Spec Scientist
Richard Gill Jr., PhD, Senior Scientist
Zsuzsa Lakos, Principal Scientist
John L. Snyder, Research Fellow Group Leader
David Zuluaga, MS, Scientist

Maximizing Strategic External Service Provider Relationships In-House
Contract Pharma, October 2017

Beth DiPaolo, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories PSS Insourcing Solutions

Going All In: Drivers for Insourcing Professional Scientific Services
Contract Pharma, September 2017

Patricia Grace, Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks – An Essential Tool for CROs
American Pharmaceutical Review, August 2017

John D. Jegla, Ph.D., Manager, Pharma Electronic Notebook

Complex Characters
European Biopharmaceutical Review July 2017, pages 74-79. © Samedan Ltd

Dr. Jon S Kauffman, Senior Director, Biochemistry, Method Development & Validation and Protocol Development and Technical Writing

PSS Insourcing Solutions® Managed Services Solves Staffing Challenges for Bio/Pharmaceutical Companies
Pharmaceutical Daily News, CPhI 2017

Beth DiPaolo, MA, President, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Professional Scientific Services

A QUICK Guide to Selecting a CMO
PDA Letter May 2017, pages 42-43

Brittany Cloud, Group Leader, Quality Compliance
View PDA Editor's HotSeat video at the 2017 PDA Annual Meeting

Managing E&L Unknown Compounds
European Biopharmaceutical Review April 2017, pages 14-15. © Samedan Ltd

Simone Carrara, E&L Lab Manager
Andrew Blakinger, Manager, Extractables & Leachables Testing
Thomas Lehman, Ph.D., Director, Method Development and Validation and Extractables and Leachables

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