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This study seeks to develop and validate a method for identifying and quantifying four bioactive forms of vitamin B12 (adenosylcobalamin, cyanocobalamin, hydroxocobalamin, and methylcobalamin) from dietary ingredients and supplements, as a consensus quality control protocol for dietary supplement labeling and manufacturing.

As probiotic consumption rates continue to grow, stakeholders are demanding more information about the quantity, quality, and identity of organisms in probiotic products. Increasingly, flow cytometry is being used to address manufacturers’ and consumers’ demands, and has shown promise in rapidly providing precise quantitative and qualitative probiotic information.

AOAC International, an organization that develops globally accepted standards, recently recognized Dr. Hong You, Director of Research and Development at Eurofins Supplement Analysis Center (ESAC), and his team of experts in the acceptance of their method for ginger analysis.

Eurofins Director of Research and Development Dr. Hong You was appointed a position on the editorial board at the Journal of Food Biochemistry. The journal is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers research on the effects of handling, storage, and processing on the biochemical aspects of food.

Eurofins Food Safety Systems client, Van Beek Natural Science (VBNS), had a professional and valuable experience with Goronka Platisa.