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Providing valuable auditing services, testing, and verification studies to our clients have been a key objective to Eurofins business values for many decades. As a core belief, Eurofins has worked hard to develop value-added audits to help you evaluate your quality systems and protocols. By using a third party to conduct food safety audits, your company is ensuring impartial results and guarding against potential conflict of interests.


Warehouse or Distribution Center Audits GLP Audits Costco supplier audits

Warehouse and Distribution Centers play an integral role in food safety for the entire supply chain. 

Learn more about Warehouse or Distribution Center audits

Following best practices in the laboratory provides accurate and reliable results for today’s business decisions. 

Learn more about Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) audits

Eurofins performs Costco's GMP Supplier Audits and Costco Addendums

Learn more about Costco Addendums & Supplier audits

GMP audits HACCP audits pre-assessment audits

Identifying potential problems and taking an in-depth look at processes are the first steps to improving your food safety management system.

Learn more about GMP or Food Safety Systems audits

Food companies are required to review their HACCP plans for continued improvements. Failure to identify and effectively control food safety hazards at your site can have dire consequences. 

Learn more about HACCP Verification audits


Are you ready to seek certification for a GFSI benchmarked scheme? 

Learn more about Pre-Assessments


IBWA Audits Other Audits  

Eurofins is approved to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 IBWA audits for members. As a selected auditing body, Eurofins provides top audits that verify and validate your food safety protocols are meeting this high standard.

Learn more about IBWA audits

  • Animal Welfare
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • FSMA Addendum
  • Identity Preservation - Verification of label claims such as Non-GMO or Peanut-free, for example.
  • Supplier

Contact the audit coordinator for more information on these services.



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