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BRC Certification Process

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As an accredited Certification Body, Eurofins simplifies the process and provides expert knowledge with its experienced auditors. Outlined below are the steps of the certification:

  1. Apply with Eurofins through our application. This application establishes your account and provides necessary facility information ensuring proper scope and audit duration.
  2. Receive a quotation from Eurofins and agree to terms.
  3. Eurofins Audit Coordinator will contact you to schedule your and provide the audit agenda.
  4. Prepare for audit and ensure all documents necessary are available for the audit.
  5. Perform a self-assessment of compliance to the BRC standard. 
  6. Eurofins performs initial certification audit.
  7. After the certification audit, close any findings/non-conformances. 
  8. Eurofins will review the report and corrective actions taken for a certification decision.
  9. Certificate sent by email and mail.
  10. Companies must be re-certified every year.

Eurofins stands for providing its client with a five-star experience and demonstrates excellent customer service which supports you and your company!


Contact us now to begin the BRC certification process.