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Safe Feed/Safe Food

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Customers and regulatory drivers have are changing the landscape of Feed Safety. Quality and Safety procedures are now being evaluated closer than ever and are seeking certification from a respected industry provider.  Eurofins is trusted to provide these value added audit to facilities looking to meet regulatory criteria.

By achieving Safe Feed Safe Food  Certification, your company will benefit from:

  • Achieving an FDA recognized standard that includes elements compliant with FSMA
  • Increased third party evaluation of your facilities feed safety program
  • Application of the AFIA SFSF Seal

With new regulations coming into law, AFIA has redesigned the SFSF program to include a complete review of feed safety in line with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Through this advanced offering, AFIA now provides two program options.

  • The standard SF/SF Certification Program which is co-branded as the Food Sector Category (FSC) 36: Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program, or
  • The GFSI benchmarked program which is co-branded as the Food Sector Category (FSC) 34: Manufacturer of Animal Feed under the SQF Program.
  FSC 34 FSC 36
Audit Cycle Annual on-site audit Every other year on-site audit; during off year, self-surveillance audit required.
GFSI Benchmarked Yes No
HACCP HACCP plan (Codex, feed industry or comparable model) HACCP principle


FSC 34

This option will grant both AFIA SF/SF and SQF certification. Module 2 and Module 3 in the SQF Code will apply.  You can find this document at: Initial certification audits require a two stage approach for certification. Stage 1 will consist of a document audit. For more information, visit Eurofins SQF page.

FSC 36

This program is consistent with the requirements by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The code and checklist are available at

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