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SQF Certification Process

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As an accredited Certification body, Eurofins simplifies the process and provides expert knowledge with its experienced auditors. Outlined below are the certifications steps:

  1. Select desired SQF level and Food Sector Category
  2. Determine who will be your site’s SQF practitioner.
    Note: SQF practitioner must be a company employee and have an understanding of the requirements of the SQF code and trained in HACCP
  3. For first time certification, Eurofins can provide an optional pre-assessment of your facility prior to the certification audit. Inquiry further.
  4. Apply with Eurofins through the online application. This application establishes your account and provides necessary facility information for audit duration.
  5. Register your site on the SQF Reliance site.
  6. Receive quotation from Eurofins and agree to terms
  7. Schedule audit with auditor and receive audit agenda.
  8. Prepare for audit and ensure all documents necessary are available for the audit
  9. The initial certification audit takes place in two parts per the SQF code: Desk Audit and Facility Audit. The Desk Audit is recommended to be scheduled 30-45 days prior to the Facility audit to ensure enough time for closure of any findings.
  10. After the certification audit, close any findings within 14 days for majors and 30 days for minors.
  11. Eurofins reviews report and findings for a certification decision
  12. Certificate sent by email and mail

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Eurofins stands for providing its client with a five star experience and demonstrates excellent customer service which supports you and your company!

Available upon request are Eurofins Scientifc, Inc Food Safety Systems procedure for granting, maintaining, extending or reducing the scope, suspending, withdrawing or refusing certification.

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