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Training & Consulting Membership Program

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The Membership Program is tailored to provide a flexible consulting option on demand. Several Membership levels are available with varying amount of units to ensure you and your company needs are met when you require them.

The Membership Program has been designed to aid businesses and companies in several different ways:

  • Make budgeting for consulting easier
  • Annual renewals
  • Open network of consultants available within 24 hours after an email request
  • Monthly service reports with detail about services for the month & remaining units balance

A one-time fee that is invoiced for the full amount for your business makes your Operations/Quality Assurance manager’s life easier and able to focus on the services provided in the Membership Program to optimize your business.

Companies and businesses are able to order activities using the units system that is provided for them through the Membership Program. Activities that are available upon purchase include, but are not limited to:

  • Onsite and public training
  • Food labeling and label review
  • Offsite document development
  • Advice on food safety topics, testing services, and interpretation of results

There are six possible Membership Package options, each Package having more units than the next. Contact us today to purchase your Eurofins Membership Package!

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