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‘FAMI-QS: Awareness in Feed Safety’ is the official FAMI-QS training for the industry of Specialty Feed Ingredients.

The aim of the training is to provide the necessary information to the participants:

  • FAMI-QS certification process;
  • the requirements of the FAMI-QS code;
  • interpretation of the code;
  • feed safety;
  • EU feed legislation.

Who should attend the ‘FAMI-QS: Awareness in Feed Safety’ training program?

  • Anyone who is involved in the implementation of the FAMI-QS certification system (Quality Managers, Consultants, etc.).
  • Internal FAMI-QS Auditors.
  • Producers, Suppliers and Traders of Specialty Feed Ingredients.
  • Individuals who want to get further information on FAMI-QS Certification.

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