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Preventive Controls + HACCP Combo

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Eurofins has taken our 2 most popular courses and combined them into one offering;  The highly anticipated training created by the FDA's Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) and the HACCP Training for Food Processors, which is recognized by the International HACCP Alliance.  The foundation of the course is the PCQI training course, with additional time in groups working on building the process preventive controls (HACCP) portion of the food safety plan as well as key components of building a HACCP program.  This course will meet the requirements for the standardized curriculum training requirements under Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 117.115 for the "preventive control qualified individual" who conducts certain Food Safety Plan activities.

Session Topics

  • Introduction and background of HACCP 
  • Identification of food safety hazards; biological, chemical and physical 
  • Systematic examination of the 7 HACCP Principles and their applications
  • Resources for and preliminary steps in developing a food safety plan including GMPs and other prerequisite programs
  • Hazard analysis and preventive controls determination
  • Monitoring preventive controls, verification and validation, and corrective actions/corrections 
  • Supplier Programs and Recall Plans
  • Record-keeping and regulatory requirements


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